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At some point while exploring through the Kerguelen Plateau, you are bound to come across a large room with a locked door. This is the door to Estuary Naamah, the boss of Rogue Legacy 2‘s third biome. However, you cannot access it straight away. To get through, you need to find a relic called the Lily of the Valley. Here’s our guide on where to find said Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2.

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Lily of the Valley

In the depths of the Kerguelen Plateau, there is a huge room that contains this biome’s boss. However, the boss door cannot be reached without the Aether’s Wings Heirloom. For more information on how to obtain them check out our Heirlooms guide.

Even after reaching it, attempting to open the door will return the message, “The Throne Doors are currently sealed.” Interacting with the nearby memory will reveal that Estuary Naamah will only open the door if you give her a gift. This gift comes in the form of two Lily of the Valley relics.

Rogue Legacy 2 Lily Of The Valley Rooms Guide

These are the three possible rooms where the Lily of the Valley can be found.

There are three separate rooms where these relics can be found. Although you’ll only need to collect two of them to access the boss. Much like the door itself, reaching these requires the Aether’s Wings Heirloom. The location of these rooms is randomized for each run, but they always spawn somewhere in the Kerguelen Plateau biome. They are marked on the map by a purple question mark.

All three of the rooms in Rogue Legacy 2 where the Lily of the Valley can be found contain platforming challenges. One requires you to dash from left to right, and then use your double jump to reach the Lily. The second room requires you to Spin Kick off a series of arrows that are fired upwards, and then double jump to land on a platform next to the Lily. Finally, the third room is the most technical of the three. You have to jump to avoid spikes, spin kick a resonant platform, dash right across the second set of spikes, and then jump again to reach the Lily. Once at least two Lily of the Valley are obtained, head back to the boss door and prepare to fight.

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