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If you want to play a cute creature collecting game with low-stakes gameplay, then you might want to keep tabs on Ooblets. Developed by Glumberland, Ooblets has remained in Early Access on the Epic Games Store ever since the summer of 2020, which likely made it the perfect escape from the initial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for some. It helps that unlike games such as PokémonOoblets features no combat of any sort. That is, unless you count the myriad dance battles you can engage with as combat. Fortunately for Ooblets fans, Glumberland announced today that the game will leave Early Access and see a full release sometime this summer.

The Early Access version of Ooblets has seen quite a bit of content added over the course of its lifespan. Updates included additional regions, story content, and of course, the titular ooblet creatures. Once the 1.0 version drops, players can experience all of this content alongside several new locations, quests, and most importantly, the main story’s conclusion.


What do you do in Ooblets?

Ooblets describes itself as a “creature collecting and life sim” that sees players engaging in a variety of laid-back activities. Players have a farm they can spruce up with a whole host of “otherworldly crops,” and they can decorate their home with whatever options suit them best. Additionally, players can befriend the local townsfolk, give them gifts, and participate in townsfolk quests for some extra rewards. As mentioned previously, you can collect ooblets and have them compete in dance battles to level up and gain access to more moves.

The full release of Ooblets should provide the perfect opportunity for newcomers to experience what made attracted fans to the Early Access version in the first place. Although the developers did not unveil a concrete release date for Ooblets, it shouldn’t take long for them to do so considering summer is right around the corner.

Daniel Pinheiro
Daniel is a games journalist who is deeply passionate about the medium and the impact it can have on our lives. He is open to all kinds of genres, but has a particular affinity for platformers and beat 'em ups. He also helped back the Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

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