Phasmophobia New Ghost 2

Spooky season never left the world of Phasmophobia and its community, and players will be treated to more ghastly scares, as two new ghost types are introduced to the game. Dedicated Phasmophobia players can soon enjoy new prestige ranks, as well as new ID cards that let you display your roles and favorite prestige titles. If you felt the game was getting stale with its current roster of spectral beings, now is a great time to return. Another great piece of news for hardcore Phasmophobia players is an incoming rework of the behemoth that is Asylum.

The Asylum map, or rather the Asylum maze, is being built from the ground up. After the rework, the map will decrease in size, and include more “diversity and several different themes to help break up the map’s visual design.” It still looks dark as night, but there are some cool new rooms, like a boiler room.


Ghosts are scary

These two new ghosts will bring the list of ghosts up to 23 total. In the official news post, the developers released a small teaser image, blurring out the name of both ghosts while giving us a small tease of the journal entry for one of them. This ghost has supposedly “risen from the grave,” with the desire to drain something. Hopefully, they don’t try to drain my life essence, but we’ll see.

This info came from the first development preview from the developers. These posts are intended to give players more insight into the game’s dev cycle. The next preview will include information about a new main menu design and more news about the Asylum rework. Meanwhile, the new ghosts are set to release with Version 0.6.2 of the game, which should release in the new future. The update should also include a new voice recognition system and a redesign of the van.

Phasmophobia New Ghost

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