Overwatch 2 Beta

The PvP beta for Overwatch 2 is coming to a close today, with balance changes and character adjustments abound. Fan reaction seemed mixed with the lack of character changes, and we found the expansion to be uninspired considering the amount of time we had to wait between versions. (Our friends at Destructoid put it best.) But even so, we’re not ready to write off the game yet, as the recent beta was just one of many promised betas before the official release.

New characters and reworks are expected to liven up Overwatch 2. In time, it’s certainly possible that Overwatch 2 will feel like it justified the massive wait time by the official release. Hopefully, we get a glimpse of that at the next Overwatch 2 beta test, which is expected to be announced this June. In an official dev post regarding the end of the first beta, Blizzard revealed that an event will be held which is expected to reveal information about the next Overwatch 2 beta test.


What’s coming next?

While it’ll definitely be cool to know when the next testing period will go live, don’t expect much more than that in this announcement. Jon Spector, Overwatch commercial leader and VP at Blizzard, revealed in a tweet that the event will really only be “an announcement of an announcement.” If this is the case, then I’m not expecting there to be any major information about new characters, maps, or reworks.

Still, the Blizzard team is doing its best to maintain communication with Overwatch 2 fans. Plus, it clearly wanted to make sure it’d be able to “set a timeline” about what’s to come. Spector did say that we’d receive more news about Overwatch 2 between now and June, so there’s still the chance the information we’ll receive will be quite substantial. Either way, Blizzard is still riding the Overwatch 2 train.

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