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As promised last week, publisher 505 Games had its first-ever showcase earlier today. While some were expecting news on what’s next for Control or Bloodstained, instead the company mostly focused on the unexpected. Three new games were revealed during the 505 showcase. One of which is coming from the studio behind Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, called Miasma Chronicles.

Miasma Chronicles, coming from The Bearded Ladies, is a post-apocalyptic tale starring two brothers. The game is a tactical RPG, complete with an overhead camera and plenty of baddies to beat. Oh, and your brother is a robot. The main protagonist on the other hand is a human, set on a quest to clear the destroyed America by using a powerful glove that can control the devastating Miasma.


The kid’s name is also Elvis, which is just a little bit unfortunate. Miasma Chronicles includes exploration, “outlandish characters,” and weapons and abilities to upgrade. It has a 2023 release date, and will launch for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Miasma Chronicles is only the first of three new 505 Games reveals

Next up, we have Stray Blade from Point Blank Games. Stray Blade is a colorful action RPG with beasts and medieval knights to slay. It also looks very anime, with exaggerated attack animations, gravity-defying jumps, and so many flowing capes. Combat looks brutal and crunchy, with parry moves you can even use against monsters. It’ll be out for PC in 2023 for Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The third new game in the 505 Games lineup is Among the Trolls. Arguably the most intriguing of the three, Among the Trolls is a first-person survival game set in a spooky Finnish forest. Alone in an isolated cabin, the world soon changes as you must deal with supernatural creatures from Nordic myth. 505 only offered a short teaser, but its Steam page has more to tell. There’s no set release date for Among the Trolls, but I’m keeping my eye on it.

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