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Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 introduced an array of new content such as map changes and new mythic weapons. Since then, Epic Games has kept the season fresh with Star Wars celebrations, a new Soundwave Series and more. As the Resistance has won the fight for Tilted Towers, the latest Fortnite update has seen the launch of Sideways Showdown week. Also, get your gold bars at the ready as a new donation board has landed on the island.

Sideways weapons were first introduced to Fortnite back in Chapter 2: Season 8, which kicked off in September last year. Since then, Sideways weapons became a distant memory, until now. Sideways Showdown week has begun which has reintroduced the Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun. You can find these weapons as ground loot or in chests until Fortnite Sideways Showdown week ends on May 24. Previously, Cube Monster parts were needed to upgrade Sideways weapons, but you can now do this at an upgrade bench. During this week, there will be Sideways Showdown quests to allow you to earn some extra XP.


The Fortnite update has launched a new donation board

In addition, there is a new battle on the island: the Shield Bubble versus Balloons. It’s time to visit a donation board and have your say on which item you want to be unvaulted. The first option to be fully funded with gold bars will be instantly available to use.

If you are a fan of the Zero Build Mode, you may have noticed that the drop rate of utility items was increased for a short while. Now, the Fortnite update has increased the drop rate of Cow Catchers, Shockwave Grenades, and Rift-to-Go’s for good. As the battle between the IO and Resistance continues, you will need all the weapons and equipment you need to fight this war.

In other Fortnite news, Robocop is now available in the shop.

Fortnite Sideways Showdown donation board

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